Connoisseur cigars delivered anywhere in South Africa. 

We have a large selection of brands, about 35 at any given time.  We stock cigars you simply cannot find anywhere else in South Africa.  We stock cigars from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras and many more exciting countries.

Our cigar quality is our top priority.  All our cigars are humidified at about 70% relative humidity and stored at approx 21°C.  On shipping, your cigars will be zip-locked to protect their humidity as they travel to you. 


Our cigar prices are not fixed and do fluctuate from time to time, this is because we pass all special deals we get on to you.

We love delighted customers who support Cigar Club continuously and recommend us to other cigar smokers, your satisfaction is paramount to us.  Should you be dissatisfied with your purchase please contact us right away.


Please let us know if there are any particular cigars you’d like to try and we’ll do our best to source them in a cost effective manner for you.

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